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The Top Concerns Seniors Face Living At Home

Posted on August 18, 2023 at 2:15 PM by The Meadows Senior Community

For a wide array of reasons, seniors often possess the desire to remain in their homes for as long as possible. Some may wish to stay in their home because of the good memories connected to the property. For many seniors, home is simply familiar, and familiarity is a comforting factor that makes people feel safe. However, this can be a false sense of security for seniors as there are distinct risks associated with staying in our homes as we age.


Maintaining a balanced and healthy diet for seniors is crucial to their well-being. Not only can it help maintain energy levels, but it can help mitigate current health issues and reduce the risk of developing new conditions. Limited mobility for seniors can affect their ability to prepare meals or get to the grocery store. In rural areas without public transportation, seniors who can no longer drive may also find it difficult to get the groceries they need. Senior living communities, such as The Meadows, provide delicious and well-rounded meals, eliminating the health risks of malnutrition in seniors that reside in our assisted living or independent living communities.

Criminal Activity

Sadly in recent years, there has been a spike in crime against seniors. From sophisticated financial scams to burglaries, criminals are increasingly taking advantage of the vulnerability of seniors in our urban and rural communities. When home security cannot be guaranteed, joining a retirement community such as The Meadows can help provide increased senior safety against several types of criminal activity.

Social Isolation

It is often a sad fact that as we age, our social circles shrink or disappear. Friends and family members move away or pass on, leaving many feeling socially isolated. The resulting loneliness can not only negatively impact senior mental health, but recent reports show that it can elevate the risk of cognitive decline and earlier death. Senior living communities provide multiple opportunities to forge new social circles and provide activities that not only help lower the risk of developing memory issues but help foster improved physical health as well.


Relatively common health concerns in seniors, such as limited mobility or poor eyesight, can amplify the risks of being harmed by minor safety hazards around the home. Loose rugs or electrical cords can create fall risks for seniors, and stairs can be more difficult to safely climb or descend. Combined with the risk of social isolation, it may be difficult for a senior to quickly get help in the event of an accident. Senior living communities are purposely designed to reduce or eliminate such hazards, resulting in a safer environment.

Forgetting Medications

The advances in modern medicine have allowed for new medications to improve and extend the life of older adults. However, as the average number of prescriptions for seniors has increased, the easier it can be to miss taking an important medicine, especially for those with memory concerns. Senior living communities offer assistance in managing the ever-increasing number of medications, ensuring that important dosages are never missed.

Are You Considering Senior Living In Iowa?

If you are considering a senior living community, either for yourself or a loved one, consider The Meadows senior living community in Clarion. Located in north central Iowa, The Meadows provides options for assisted living and independent living for our residents. Our well-appointed maintenance-free apartments offer great amenities for our residents, and we provide excellent opportunities for activities and building new social circles. To learn more about our vibrant community, explore our website today.

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