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How A Senior Living Community Improves Your Retirement

Posted on April 28, 2023 at 12:27 PM by The Meadows Senior Community

When you think of a happy retirement, you likely think of rest, relaxation, and free time to pursue new hobbies and interests. You’ve worked hard your entire life, and now that you’ve reached retirement age, you’re ready for less work and more relaxation. 

By spending your retirement at the right senior living community, you’ll get even more out of your retirement years! 

The Meadows Independent Living blog

The Benefits Of Living In A Senior Living Community For Retirees

By living in an independent living community, you’ll enjoy a variety of benefits that are only available in a retirement community. 

Reduces Stress

Home maintenance, grocery shopping, yard work, and other routine chores don’t stop when you retire. Additionally, some regular chores and home maintenance, such as shoveling snow and mowing the lawn, can increase your risk of injury as you age. 

When you live in an independent living apartment in a senior community, you have the freedom of having your own personalized space without the hassle of owning a home! At The Meadows, our senior living services include:

  • Routine Apartment Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Landscaping, Snow Removal, Etc.
  • Meal/Dining Services 
  • & Much More!

By living in a maintenance-free senior apartment, you’ll have the time and energy to try new hobbies, stay active, and make new friends! 

More Opportunities For Personal Growth & Socialization

The Meadows Independent Living blogWhether you’re looking to find a new hobby or are simply looking for more social opportunities, a senior living community is your answer! At The Meadows, we offer a wide variety of activities and events so that there’s something fun for every resident.

Weekly Activities

  • Group Exercise Classes
  • Card & Board Games 
  • Bingo
  • Devotions

These are just a few examples of our planned activities, residents always have the freedom to set up and participate in their own events. The Meadows has a cozy fireplace lounge to socialize in, a library to host book clubs, common spaces for craft clubs, and so much more!

Special Events

The Meadows offers frequent special events as well as holiday celebrations. Holidays are always a blast at The Meadows with special meals, decorations, activities, and more. Popular special events that occur weekly include Wine and Cheese Fridays and Nail Salon Mondays. Other special events hosted at The Meadows include:

  • Concerts & Other Performances 
  • Visits & Activities with Volunteers of All Ages
  • Family Visit Events
    • Such as Easter egg hunts and Santa visits for grandchildren 
  • Cooking Classes 

Field Trips

We organize and provide transportation for a variety of field trips. Past outings include:

  • Shopping Trips
  • Sporting Events 
  • Museums & Gardens 
  • Local Restaurants 
  • The Iowa State Fair

Provides A Sense Of Community & Belonging

The Meadows Independent Living blogNo matter what age you are, feeling like you belong and having a support system is vital to your quality of life. By living in a senior living community, you’ll have a built-in group of friends and effortless access to spaces and activities. We pride ourselves on being a welcoming and vibrant community where seniors of all ages, interests, and activity levels can come together to make the most out of their retirement years.

Easier Access To Senior Health Services

Quick and easy access to healthcare becomes increasingly important as your age. At The Meadows, our senior community is located right next to Iowa Specialty Hospital & Clinic. This makes it easy for residents to get to and from appointments, saving time, money, and hassle. If you don’t have your own car or prefer not to drive, transportation services are included for all residents. 

From routine health screenings to emergency and specialized care, you’ll have access to some of the best senior health services in Iowa, just steps from your apartment. 

Provides Peace Of Mind For You & Your Loved Ones

Whether you live alone or with your partner, safety and security are two important aspects to consider when deciding where to spend your retirement. With 24-hour staffing, secured facility access, and other enhanced safety features, you’ll never have to worry while living at The Meadows. Being able to live independently while still enjoying the advanced level of safety and security that a senior living community provides is a key benefit provided by independent living. 

A Senior Living Community Designed To Meet Your Unique Needs & Interests  

The Meadows Independent Living blogAt The Meadows, we believe that your senior years should be the best years of your life. That’s why everything about our independent living facilities, from the layouts of the apartments to the amenities we offer, was designed with active, independent seniors in mind. 

No matter how you prefer to enjoy your golden years, you will discover an accommodating and fulfilling way of life here at The Meadows. Become a member of our happy, active, and friendly senior living community by giving us a call and scheduling a tour or joining our waiting list today!

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