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Life at The Meadows Independent Living

By Dennis & Thora Peterson

Thora and Dennis PetersonHow long have you lived at The Meadows Independent Living?
Two and a half years.

What brought you to The Meadows?
Thora was having some health problems, and we needed to figure out some other place to live instead of going home. Kristi, our daughter, suggested we talk to the manager here at The Meadows.  She showed us some apartments and we loved the view of this one.  

What do you like about The Meadows?
We have everything we need.  You can be as private or as involved in things as you want to be.  Sometimes we play games with the others here or sometimes we spend the evening together in our apartment.  But there is something going on all the time.

The food is unbelievable.  Often our lunch meal is more than enough that we split it and have the other half for supper. We also love the courtyard in the warmer weather.  It’s nice to just sit out there and relax or get our exercise, and we just really enjoy being outdoors.

What are your favorite activities?
We like playing games, especially Rummikub on Wednesdays.  We have coffee and donuts on Tuedays and visit.  We also have devotions on Tuesday afternoons.  It’s been a blessing getting to know the different Pastors that come in.  And there are always parties or entertainment that comes here too.

What would you tell someone considering The Meadows as their new home? 
The lack of responsibility living here is so relaxing; if the sidewalk needs shoveled or the roof needs repaired, you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself.

Plus it’s so convenient being connected to the hospital. They have a pharmacy, gift shop, and even a cafeteria.
You can be as independent as you want, as social as you want, and as private as you want. When you’re in your apartment you never know you’re not in your own place like when we were on the farm.

Anything else you would like to share?
Dennis – “It becomes like family here – we (the residents) check on each other if we haven’t seen someone for a while. We love it as much today as when we moved in.  We’re tickled pink to be here.”

Thora – “It felt just like home from the first.  That’s remarkable since from the very beginning of our marriage we’ve lived on the farm. Getting to watch the sunset from our apartment is wonderful.”

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