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Caring, Affordable Senior Assisted Living in Clarion, Iowa

You’ll Enjoy Many Amenities at The Meadows Senior Living

Meadows Assisted Living Exterior View of Building For seniors who need assistance with everyday tasks, but who don’t require the extensive medical care provided in a nursing home, assisted living makes an excellent long-term care alternative. The Meadows Senior Living community provides senior assisted living in Clarion, Iowa. Our assisted living facility is designed to be operated, staffed, and maintained to meet the needs and desires of our residents. Security and independence, privacy and companionship, and looking out for your physical and social well-being are the guiding principles behind our assisted living setting. Our residents receive supervision, personal care assistance, and health services that emphasize their right to control their own lives. Take a look at our assisted living floor plans to get a glimpse of what life is like at The Meadows!

The Meadows Assisted Living Floor Plans

Monthly Base Rent and Levels of Care

Rent and Board are determined based on apartment size. The table below shows monthly expenses of rent and board. Rent is based on the size of the apartment and board covers utilities and upkeep of the building.

 Apartment Size  Square
 Rent       Board     Total Rent
 & Board    
 Small  470  $1250  $500  $1750
 Medium  560  $1500  $500  $2000
 Large  690  $1750  $500  $2250


Amenities included with rent and board:
• 24 hour staffing
• 24 hour emergency response pendant
• Personal storage space
• Routine apartment maintenance
• On-site bus for activities and appointments
• Assistance to and from all Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics appointments
• Secured building with apartment intercom
• Independent thermostat in each apartment
• Utilities: heat, electricity, sewer/water, garbage pick-up
• Private mailbox
• Washer and dryer on-site
• Planned social and recreational activities

Level of Care:  In addition to rent and board, all tenants are required to purchase a level of care plan. A tenant’s level of care is determined by the number of units a tenant uses throughout the month. (One unit equals up to 15 minutes of time.) All levels of care include daily breakfast, lunch and supper, daily reminders and assurance checks, individual service plan development, weekly laundering of bed linens towels and personal clothing, and weekly assistance with light housekeeping (approximately 30 minutes). Additional personal time * is measured in units.

 Level 1    $999        Personal care time up to 4 ½ hours
 (0 -18 units) per month
 Level 2   $1499  Personal care time is 4 ½ - 27 ½ hours
 (19 - 110 units) per month
 Level 3  $1899  Personal care time is 27 ½ - 60 hours
 (111 - 240 units) per month

*Personal care time is defined as time spent by staff to provide a service to the tenant. It can be comprised of any individualized services such as bathing assistance or medication administration and can change based on personal needs.

Second Person: There is a monthly fee of $500.00 for a second tenant. The additional tenant will also need to purchase a level of care based the number of units the tenant utilizes. We are happy to visit with you about rent and board and levels of service scenarios that best fit your lifestyle needs.

Extras Available
• Garage: $55.00
• Guest meals: $6.50 per meal
• Holiday guest meals: $8.50 per meal
• Key replacement: $25.00
• Maintenance: $25.00 per hour

Benefits Provided by Our Senior Living Community in Clarion

Making the decision to move out of your home and into an assisted living facility is never an easy choice. However, there are many benefits to moving into our senior living community at The Meadows in Clarion, Iowa, including all of the following:

  • Better Nutrition – Many seniors who live alone struggle with daily meal preparation and may not be eating right as an unfortunate result. However, our residents are given three nutritious meals a day prepared by our staff to ensure they are eating a healthy, well-balanced diet.

  • Enhanced Security – For your peace of mind, our facility is equipped with a state-of-the-art security system. We have daily staffing available to ensure your safety, as well as 24-hour emergency response pendants should you ever fall and need emergency medical care.

  • Transportation – Although we do enjoy proximity to Iowa Specialty Hospital, it can still be a bit challenging for seniors with mobility issues to get to and from their medical appointments. Not to worry! We can make all of the necessary arrangements for your transportation, so you never miss a vital check-up or follow-up appointment again.

  • Maintenance-Free Living – You’ll never have to lift a finger for yardwork again thanks to the dedicated maintenance staff at The Meadows. We provide routine apartment maintenance, as well as groundskeeping and snow removal services to keep you safe during the winter.

  • Social Activities – Seniors who live alone sometimes struggle with daily companionship and maintaining an active social life, especially if their family and neighborhood friends have moved far away. There’s never a dull moment at The Meadows, thanks to our social activities calendar. Residents have access to a library, arts and crafts activities, community excursions, and more thanks to staff and volunteers of all ages from the Clarion community.

Schedule a Private Tour at The Meadows Senior Living Today

If you’re on the fence about our senior assisted living in Clarion, Iowa, we invite you to schedule a private tour. Please contact The Meadows Senior Living to explore our senior assisted living facilities for yourself or a loved one today. We would love to welcome you to our friendly senior living community!

For more information or to schedule a tour, please call (515) 532-2035.

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